Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the shipping schedule?

It’s up to you.  Your first delivery will start on whichever month you choose and continue on the schedule you set up but all deliveries ship the end of the month. 

What if I want to change the delivery address?

Just email us and let us know the new address.

Do I need to be home for the delivery?

The courier will ring the bell and if no answer, will leave on the step.

What types of plants do you deliver?

We tailor the variety around the optimum seasons for each month.

What if I don’t like the product?

[We’re sure you’ll love your plants. But, if you’re not satisfied, cancel anytime and you’ll receive a refund of the remaining subscription

Do you ship to the United States?

No. We only ship within Canada

Do you plant care instructions with each plant?

Yes, a card with care instructions is included with all deliveries.

Is the plant care easy?

Yes. Most plants just need water and that’s it. Further care instructions such as transplanting can be found online.

What if I’m away on vacation?

Contact us and we’ll adjust the delivery schedule for you.

Can I make my own plant selection?

Sorry. We send the same plants on schedule to everyone depending on the optimum season for each variety.